Kay Nielsen Fairy Tale Art and Illustration

Kay Nielsen Illustrations to Red Magic

The Country Mouse and the Town House

Red Magic, published in 1930, is the last book illustrated by Kay Nielsen. The illustrations consist of 53 paintings and drawings, eight in color. Of these 53 illustrations, 15 accompany the story of Aladdin. Red Magic is 'a collection of the world's best fairy tales from all countries', edited and arranged by Romer Wilson.

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Red Magic


The Reward of Virtue

The Story of the Three Bears

Rich Peter the Pedlar

Hawk and Mole

A Child's Dream of a Star

Bean Flower and Pea Blossom

The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse

King Uggermugger or The Princess Silver-Silk

The Bear and the Hunter's Stepson

At the Door

The Six Swans

The Enchanted Hind

Mrs. Tabitha Tortoiseshell

Bel and the Dragon

St. George and the Dragon

The Dragon of Wantley

The Chimera

Bash-Chalek, or True Steel

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Red Magic Illustrations by Chapter

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the reward of virtue

the story of the three bears

rich peter the pedlar

hawk and mole

a child's dream of a star

bean flower and pea blossom

the country mouse and the town mouse

king uggermugger

the bear and the hunter's stepson

at the door

the six swans

the enchanted hind

mrs. tabitha tortoiseshell

bel and the dragon

st. george and the dragon

the dragon of wantley

the chimera

bash-chalek, or true steel

aladdin and the wonderful lamp

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