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Edmund Dulac's illustrations from: Arabian Nights, Beauty and the Beast, Dreamer of Dreams, Daughters of the Stars, Edmund Dulac's Picture Book for the Red Cross, Fairies I have Met, Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen, The Garden of Paradise, Gods and Mortals in Love, Kingdom of the Pearl, Le Papillon Rouge, The Little Mermaid, The Raven and Other Poems, The Rubaiyat, Stealers of Light, The Snow Queen, Tanglewood Tales, The Tempest. In addition to book illustrations, Dulac also illustrated magazines, and designed stamps and banknotes.

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Le Papillon Rouge

The Entomologist's Dream is an illustration for the story, Le Papillon Rouge (The Red Butterfly) by Gerard D'Houville. The story was published in the Christmas 1909 edition of L'Illustration, the French news and art magazine. In the story, the entomologist is driven mad by his failure to find a blood red butterfly for the lady whose attentions he seeks. One night, after many years of searching, he ransacks his entire butterfly collection. As he frees the insects from their cases, they magically wake and fly off into the night. The entomologist is heartbroken, and is discovered dead in the morning.

Edmund Dulac, The Entomologist's Dream, illustration to Le Papillon Rouge, 1909

Stealers of Light

Edmund Dulac's Picture Book for the Red Cross

The picture book was Dulac's contribution to WWI relief efforts. He also contributed to Princess Mary's Gift Book.

Dreamer of Dreams

Dreamer of Dreams was written by the much-loved Queen Marie of Romania, the consort of Ferdinand I. She was the daughter of Prince Alfred, the second son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Arabian Nights

Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

Beauty and the Beast

Fairies I have Met

Gods and Mortals in Love

Kingdom of the Pearl

The Kingdom of the Pearl was written by well-known Parisian jeweler, Leonard Rosenthan, in 1919 and published in Paris as Au Royaume de la Perle. He commissioned Dulac for 10 illustrations for the deluxe English edition published in 1920 in London by Nisbet & Co. They are done in a Persian miniature style, but uniquely Dulac.

The Little Mermaid

The Nightingale

The Snow Queen

The Tempest

Tanglewood Tales

Garden of Paradise

The Raven and Other Poems

The Rubaiyat

Princess Mary's Gift Book

Princess Mary's Gift Book, like Dulac's Picture Book for the Red Cross was published in support of WWI relief efforts.

Daughters of the Stars

Only two Dulac illustrations were completed when The Daughters of the Stars was published in 1939, earlier than planned due to the outbreak of WWII. He designed the entire volume, including the chapter heads and scroll designs.

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