Edmund Dulac: Gods and Mortals in Love

Psyche and Cerberus

Psyche and Cerberus After Psyche had betrayed her promise to Cupid, she went to his mother, Aphrodite, who set her three tasks. For the last task, Aphrodite gave her a box and told her to go to the Underworld and bring back some of Persephone's beauty cream. Cupid wanted Psyche to success and brought her two gold coins and six honey cakes. He warned her not to stop for any reason and to eat nothing. "Tell no one you are from the land of the living."

Psyche had learned her lesson and did as she was told. She gave one gold coin to the Charon, the ferryman, to carry her across the river Styx to the land of the dead. To the three-headed dog Cerberus who guarded the entrance to the Underworld, she gave the three honey cakes. Persephone agreed to fill the box with beauty. Psyche ate nothing and set about returning home, giving Cerberus the remaining honey cakes and Charon the last coin. When she returned to the land of the living, she thought to open the box so she might take some of Persephone's beauty so Cupid would love her. She opened the box slowly and fell down as if dead.

Cupid discovered her lying there and kissed the death from her lips. Cupid flew her to meet Zeus, who made Psyche immortal and she and Cupid were reunited forever.

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Title: Psyche and Cerberus - Edmund Dulac

Media: 100% acid free, cotton rag museum art paper. Soft white.

Size: 13 x 15 inches

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Tile: 'Psyche and Cerberus' is also available as part of the Gods and Mortals in Love tile set.

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