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Pan and Syrinx
Pan fell in love with the nymph Syrinx, who had until then eluded the pursuit of both gods and satyrs. Syrinx disdained Pan, who was neither man nor goat, and spurned his love and prayers. Pan pursued her, but she reached the stream of the river Ladon, she was unable to escape. Synrinx she asked to the nymphs of the river to disguise her. The nymphs granted her prayers, turned her into marsh reeds.

When Pan wished to hold her, there were only the reeds and the sound which the air produced in them. On hearing it, Pan was charmed, and thinking of the nymph, said to himself in triumph, "This converse, at least, shall I have with you."

Joining reeds of different sizes, he invented the musical instrument that was named syrinx after her, or sometimes Pan flute, after Pan himself.

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Edmund Dulac art: Gods and Mortals in Love

Title: Pan and Syrinx - Edmund Dulac

Media: 100% acid free, cotton rag museum art paper. Soft white.

Size: 13 x 15 inches

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