Where to buy Art Prints and Tile: Artsy Craftsy

About Artsy Craftsy

Artsy Craftsy

a term coined by William Morris, is where to buy art prints for the art images you find at Art Passions. Artsy Craftsy grew out of and complements Art Passions, a primarily non-commercial site devoted to Golden Age illustrators, fairies, and vintage fairy tales. Not all the artists and illustrations on Art Passions are here, but many are. Art Passions was my first love; you will find there the illustrated text of Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales, Alice in Wonderland, Robinson Crusoe, and others, as well as the original art galleries and biographical information, and the most complete collection of Adrienne Segur's art on the net. I have tried to keep Artsy Craftsy as the listing of prints available from the images at Art Passions, but I seem to have lost that; you will find images here that are not at Art Passions or anywhere else for that matter. Art Passions is a more exhaustive gallery targeted and a resource for homeschoolers, parents, and teachers, but it not inclusive. Feel free to browse both.

Art Tiles and Murals

William Morris Tile

The newest part of Artsy Craftsy offers tile in William Morris & Co. designs. William De Morgan and other designs, as well as tile murals and panels by their contemporaries, primarily the Preraphaelites. Tile sets from the Art Passions and Artsy Craftsy artists also will be added.