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The Art of Myth and Fairy Tale

Featured Artists: Anne Anderson, Arthur Rackham, John Bauer, Evelyn De Morgan, Gustave Doré, Edmund Dulac, Harold Gaze, Warwick Goble, Florence Harrison, Jessie M. King, Kay Nielsen, Maxfield Parrish, Virginia Francess Sterrett. See Catalog by Artist

June 2017 News

A lot of changes and some are going to hurt a little. For months, I've had trouble getting paid by the Payment Processing Gateway and now they're several payments behind. The shop is currently set to vacation. Changing the code and the gateway is tedious and time-consuming. If you can't wait, please consider sending a message and I'll send you an invoice directly. As I go through, the shop will be integrated into the Art Passions website. As artists disappear here, they will appear in the Art Passions shop. I'll be making things mobile-friendly as we go along.

Recent Additions

John Bauer: Lucia and Till Sagolandet

Kay Nielsen: New additions to Grimms Fairy Tales

About Us: Artsy Craftsy is the business side of Art Passions; they look more like each other as time goes on. At Artsy Craftsy you can buy art prints for many of the artists at you find Art Passions. Artsy Craftsy fine art prints fall in a wide circle of mythic and fairy tale themes around artists we like, focusing on Golden Age illustrators and Preraphaelite artists. Sometimes, though, another artist wins our heart and we can't resist.

We have some things you won't find anywhere else, but we're admittedly niche-y so if we don't have what you want, ask us and we'll try to help. We offer quality 100% cotton rag art paper with archival inks and we ship within a day or two.


Catalog Sections

edmund dulac

arthur rackham

virginia frances sterrett

florence harrison

harold gaze

gustave doré

jessie m. king

anne anderson

kay nielsen

john bauer

evelyn de morgan

preraphaelite artists

william morris & co.

maxfield parrish

warwick goble

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How to Buy Art Prints

Click on the little shopping cart icon to purchase art prints directly from any page. Or click the picture and title to go to the detail page, then "Add to cart" to choose paper color and size, and get shipping information.

Art Print Prices: The current art print prices will appear in the art. Not every print is offered in all sizes. Shipping is free or reduced on multiple print orders.

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